Statistics show that nearly 20% of new employees in the U.S. do not receive any safety training in their first year and some never get the required safety training they need.

Across the country, accidents and safety issues cost employers over $1 billion per week. Think about that for a second.

That is ~$142 million per day.

Complacency is Our Enemy

It Is Never Too Busy To Be Safe

This program is just the thing you need to help you avoid one of those million-dollar accidents, or any for that matter. I have made it – covers 26 topics – very user-friendly and short and to the point. Having had 36 years’ experience in the animal feed manufacturing industry I have seen it all. If there is/was a mistake to be made, I have either made it or seen it made.

98% of all accidents are preventable. A lot of times, managers don’t think there is time to spend a lot of hours on safety.  It is really quite the contrary. You cannot afford not to do this. One accident could cost tens of thousands of dollars and someone their life.

Safety doesn’t end here, folks still need to be coached, reminded, and understand why they are doing XYZ tasks. When they understand why they are doing what you ask them to do, they will be more apt to follow instructions. Impromptu questions, discussions, and reminders go a long way towards your workforce knowing you care.

Safety has always been an expectation, but that expectation cannot be met without the tools to succeed. Here are your tools in an easy-to-use format.